Kate Miller
Blocks of Time (alternate arrangement)Blocks of Time  Blocks of Time IIBlocks of Time  (3 Block arrangement)Burnt Sienna cubeBurnt Orange cube view 2Naples cubeSienna Cube  Ultramarine Triangle cubeUltramarine Triangle cube view 2Ultramarine Triangle cube view 3Watch the Gap cubeWatch the Gap cube vew 2Watch the Gap View 3Caution Cube  Caution cube view 2Caution Cube view 3Caution Cube view  3Naples Yellow Cube Naples Yellow Cube vew 2Sepia/Pale yellow cubeSepia/ Palle Yellow cube view 2detailBlocks detail 2
Encaustic Construction
Juxtaposed construction- Perfect man-made cubes, the almighty grid in competition with surfaces scarred, stained, eroded. The battle continues, collapse is inevitable.

Encaustic paintings done on 7.5" cubes made from white birch. These cubes are mean to be painting and sculpture. There is no "right" way for them to stand. Each of the six sides is carefully done as a finished painting. Colors, lines and textures often wrap to the adjacent side giving continuity to the piece as a three dimensional sculptural piece. Each cube is finished as a completed piece but multiples grouped together can offer interesting arrangements.

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