Kate Miller
Secrets of TreesSecret LanguageForest Secrets Treasures from the DeepGift from the SeaBlue by BlueRememberThe Hidden Way of SorrowReturn to SenderHave you heard the Mouning Doves Outside My Grandmother's WindowIts About Breaking DownYou are InvitedLove and StampsDeletedSoft and WorthlessGrandmother's Sewing Box  Alangue
Encaustic collage
Collage- The act of combining and juxtaposing unlikely objects and expressions to become something new. These are my latest collage pieces. Phrases, objects, textures and lines create a space unique to its own relational intercourse.

Wax - It is the membrane that embeds these found traces of life, it binds, surrounds,layers and becomes scarred. It is fragile yet strong. It is like skin.

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