Kate Miller
Hollingsworth SECCA tree studios
Encaustics One Day Intensive Workshops

April 15 and April 26, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. , 1 hour lunch break.
call Hollingsworth Gallery for more information
Hollingsworth Gallery
I am pleased to announce my inclusion in the S.E.C.C.A. (Southeastern Coalition for Contemporary Artists ) annual members show at Hollingsworth Gallery. Come to the opening at Hollingsworth Gallery 160 Cyprus Point Parkway in Palm Coast, January 15th opening and check out my two pieces.
MOCA Studio Tour

MOCA Artist Studio Tour 2011: St. Augustine
Sponsored by Regions Bank

Saturday, April 16 and Sunday, April 17, 2011
11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Self-guided tour. Visit the studios at your own pace.
$35 Members/ $40 Non-Members
(includes 2-day event and party/auction)
Tickets are available by calling: 904-366-6911 Ext. 214
or: Buy tickets online here.
MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville) brings back the Artist Studio Tour, but takes it to historical St. Augustine.

This event provides unique opportunities to meet established local artists in their studios where their work is created. See works in progress, learn about their techniques, and discuss their inspirations directly with the artists.

The event consists of a 2-day tour and an Artist Tour Party and Auction.

Participating artists are:
Maribel Angel - Painting
Kevin Dunn - Painting
Thomas Glover - Stone Sculpture
(see photo above)
Marianne Lerbs - Stone Sculpture
Thomas Long - Hot Glass
Wendy McDaniel - Assemblage Sculpture
Sydney McKenna - Painting
Kate Miller - Encaustic Painting
Jan Miller - Painting
Rob Mitchell - Ceramics
David Ouellette - Painting
Sara Elizabeth Pedigo - Painting
Susanna Richter-Helman - Painting/Construction/Mixed Media
Joe Segal - Sculpture
Theresa Segal - Photography
Karen Sheridan - Painting
Jo Sinclair - Mixed Media

Google map of artist's studios online
Download Artist Biographies.

After the tour, attend the Party and Auction!

Going, Going, Gone!
Party & Live Auction
Sunday, April 17, 2011
5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
The Lightner Museum
Each artist will be auctioning off one piece of artwork, partial proceeds will be donated to the museum. Support museum and your favorite artist by purchasing an original work of art the gorgeous setting of the Lightner Museum.

Would you like to be driven aroung? Take the VIP Bus Excursion.
Saturday, April 16 · 10 a.m.-5 p.m. $70 (includes lunch. Pick up in Jacksonville and St. Augustine)
Ticket Info:
For tickets please call 904-366-6911, ext 214 or register online:
General Admission
Auction Only
VIP Bus Tour
Please join us next Saturday and Sunday for this special event. Invite your friends!

About Butterfield Garage Gallery
Thank you for your continued support of Butterfield Garage Gallery and the Saint Augustine Art Community. Six of our gallery artists will be on this tour, we look forward to seeing you at this great event.

Encaustic and Alternative Surfaces Workshops
Join Kate Miller and Jerry Peters for a special weekend of working with encaustics on alternative surfaces.
Jerry will provide clay tiles fied to an absorbent bisque state that will accept Encaustic finish.
We will also explore other surfaces including found wood and other surfaces, papers, fabric and plaster!
Jan 29- 30, 12:00 - 4:00 Saturday and Sunday
Butterfield Too Encaustic Studio, 137 King St. St. Augustine, FL
$140 tuition
$20 Supply fee
$10 deposit will hold your space. Space is limited
To register call me at 305-923-3083, 904-829-0078(Butterfield Gallery) or email me katepmiller@gmail.com

One Day Intensive Workshop
One day intensive Encaustic workshop, covers all basic techniques and a lot more. All materials provided
Butterfield Too Encaustic Studio
Feb 5, 2010. 10 a.m. -4 p.m.
$99 tuition
$20 supply fee
To Register:
Call 305-923-3083, 904-829-0078 (Butterfield Too gallery) or email me
$10 deposit will hold your spot, space is limited.
Encaustic and Alternative Surfaces workshop
Join us for an exciting workshop using various alternative surfaces in addition to the traditional wood ones. We will explore fabric, found wood, paper and clay and plaster.
Ceramic artist, Jerry Peters will provide clay bisque tiles to all participants to paint with Encaustic paings
Weekend Encaustic Workshops 2011
Two Day Workshops at Butterfield Too Encaustic Studio
Jan 22-23; February 12-13
12:00-4:00 p.m. at Butterfield Too Studio
$140 Tuition
$20 Supply fee,
To register: Call me (305-923-3083, call Butterfield Too 904-829-0078 or email me at katepmiller@gmail .com
$10 deposit to hold your space. Space is limited.

MOCA/ UNF Faculty Exhibit
I am pleased to be a participant in the 2010 Fall University of North Florida Faculty Exhibition to be held at the UNF Gallery at the Museumof Contemporary Art in downtown Jacksonville. Please join us for the opening on November 14, 2010.
Scholarship Grant award
I am pleased to announce that I have been awarded a scholarship grant to attend the Charles Forsberg Oil Pigment Sticks workshop to be held at [http://www.rfpaints.com]R & F Handmade Paints in Kingston, NY on August 10-12
Imagination Squared
I am pleased to be included in the "Imagination Squared" art experiement. To read about this project go to [http://www.imaginationsquared.com]Imagination Squared

Grid will be installed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville [http://www.mocajacksonville.org]MOCA
The opening will be on Sept 1, 2010.
new blog
Check out my new blog
CIRCLE Snail Mail installation
Butterfield Too Gallery, featured exhibit November 2010
Come for first friday opening!!
[http://www.butterfieldtoo.com]Burtterfield Too Art Gallery
MOCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville
Join me for Encaustic workshop in October at MOCA in Jacksonville Florida.Check out their website or call for more information.
University of North Florida
I will begin teaching as an adjunct professor at University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida in August of 2010. Scheduled classes are Drawing I and Two-Dimensional Design.
Butterfield Too Art Gallery
Member and affiliate. Visit any time or come to monthly First Friday opening receptions. Go to our website for information about artists, memberships, upcoming shows and classes.
[http://www.butterfieldtoo.com]Butterfield Too

Butterfield is located at :
137 King Street
St. Augustine, FL. 32084
New Spring Encaustic workshops
Intro to Encaustics- Basic techniques, history, safety and grounds for use in Encaustics. This class is a pre-requisite for all other Encaustic classes taught at Butterfield Too gallery. Focus will be on preparation of medium and substrates and application of Encaustic medium and paint. Textures and smooth surfaces will be explored
April 19 6:30-9:00 pm. Butterfield Too Studio$75 .All materials included.

Encaustics and Collage- Pre-requisite Intro class required. This class will focus on collage and transfer techniques to use with Encaustics . Participants are encouraged to bring collage materials and laser or xerox images for transfer. Paper materials, fabric, string, dried plant or flower materials, and other collage imagery may be used. Laser copies or xeroxed or faxed images can be brought to transfer onto wax surfaces.
April 26, 6:30-9:00pm. Butterfield Too Studio $75. or $140 for both Intro and Encaustics and Collage.

Encaustics and Mixed Media- Pre-requisite Intro class required. This class will focus on using other media with encaustics. Exploration of using various other materials including pencil, colored pencil, pastel, oil pastel, watercolor, ink, charcoal, oil paint and oil pigment stick. In addition we will discuss the use of alternative surfaces and students will be provided a fired to bisque papaer clay tile to work on.
May 3, 6:30-9:00 pm. Butterfield Too Studio $75, $140 for two,$200 for all three classes.
Encaustic and mixed media workshops
Monthly workshops at Butterfield Too Studio
Call or email me for more information.
Orbits, Corridors & Portals
Kate Miller, featured artist of the month, Butterfield Too Art Gallery.
First Friday opening 5:00-9:00 p.m. April 2. Free refreshments, great art.
SOMMA (Society of Mixed Media Artists ) Demo
I will be giving an encaustic talk and demonstration at the SOMMA meeting on March 20 at The East branch of the Jacksonville public library. The event is open to the public
Saturday Intensive Encaustic Workshops Jan-Feb
Saturday workshops are offered 10:00- 4:00
Cost - $120 + $35 supply fee- total $145
Class size limited to six.
All materials and equipment included
Class will cover
A look at History and contemporary uses of Encaustic and Artists
How to Heat-Apply-Fuse
Realistic and Abstract imagery in encaustic
Collage techniques
Sgrafitto with Oil Stick
Stencil and Transfer techniques

Class is held at the Butterfield Too Art Garage butterfieldtoo.com
137 King Street, St. Augustine, FL 904-829-0078
Plenty of parking behind the building.
February Monday night Encaustics class
New class on Monday nights , Feb 8th, 15th, and 22nd 6:00-9:00 p.m.
Cost $140 + $35 supply fee
Class size is limited to six.
All fees due on first Monday night.
Class will cover all the basics of working in Encaustics plus discussion on history and contemporary uses and artists, safety issues, equipment and supplies, making your own medium.
Students will learn how to Heat-Apply-Fuse the wax paint.
Prepare or choose a substrate
Techniques for realistic and abstract imagery, collage, stencil, transfer and sgrafitto with oil sticks.
All materials and supplies included in fees.
parking behind building.

Butterfield Too Art Garage and studio butterfieldtoo.com
137 King St. , St. Augustine, FL 904-829-0078
Encaustic Classes
Basic Beginning Encaustic classes beginning January 2010 at
Butterfield Art Gallery
Class 1-January 11, 18, & 25
Class 2-January 13, 20, & 27
Three 3 hour classes with slide display of history and contemporary show of encaustic art, demo and instruction in the heating, application and various techniques used to create encaustic artworks.All materials will be provided.
$99 low introductory fee
$45 supply fee

Private instruction available,open studio days available after initial pre-requisite class. Email for more information
Snail Mail Art Initiative and Installation
The Snail Mail Art Installation is the first art event to be hosted by the non-profit arts promotional group, CIRCLE.
Snail Mail is a Mail Art initiative to go on for one year or longer and culminate with an site specific exhibition to be installed at the CIRCLE Creativity Festival to be held at the Camp/Resort, Iroquois Springs in the Catskill Mountains in fall of 2010.
Mail Art is an interactive art activity in which two artists collaborate with each other and with the US postal service (or other national postal services) For examples go to http://www.digitalmailart.blogspot.com or http://www.riittaikonen.com
You can also look up mail art on Wikipedia or look up its history with Ray Johnson, often credited with being its founder in the 1950s.
The originating artist first starts a piece of art in any medium, size and on any ground he or she chooses. The only limitations are those set by what the post office will mail. He or she then addresses the piece (most often like a postcard) and sends the artwork through the postal service unwrapped to the recipient.
Postage stamps can be chosen to work with the imagery or be left to chance.Sender should be aware that the postal service may use a digital bar-coded meter sticker instead of stamps unless requested to do otherwise.
The Recipient artist receives the artwork in the mail and the continues to work on the piece in a collaborative way as he or she sees fit. After finishing the work of art he then repeats the mailing process, choosing stamps and cancellation method and sending the piece back through the mail to its originator.
The only medium or size requirement is that the Postal service allow the content and size to be sent through the mail system and the artist(s) be willing to pay whatever the postage cost.

For the purposes of the CIRCLE Snail Mail Art Installation a $10 ( or $5 per person) entry fee donation is being requested to help cover costs of installing and maintaining the show..
If both artists choose to do so the piece can be sent through the mail a third time to the CIRCLE address. The option is to enclose the piece after it has been sent, received and returned. This is not required and is entirely up to you.When the completed mail art piece is received by CIRCLE an exhibition agreement will be sent out asking for pertinent information, detailing information and requesting donation.
A package or envelope of appropriate size and with appropriate postage should be sent separately for return of the piece.Collaborating artists should decide who the piece is returned to and address the SASE accordingly.
If in the case that an artist really wants to participate in this installation but cannot afford to pay the donated $5 entry fee, the work will not be denied entrance to the installation.The money is a tax deductable donation and greater amounts will also be gladly accepted. Hopefully we will have benefactors who find our mission worthy and will send more so we am not concerned if someone is unable to do so. Just send some art!


When CIRCLE receives the mail art piece exhibition agreements will be sent to artists, detailing all pertinent information and asking for artist information including cost of the piece and requesting donation.
Be sure to send self addressed envelope with correct denomination of stamps for return of the work to either the originator or the collaborating artist.

CIRCLE is not asking for donations of art. Artwork may be priced by artists involved. CIRCLE will collect a 25% commission from sales of all works sold at the CIRCLE Fall Festival, 2010 to be held at Iroquois Springs, Rock Hill NY. In the case that the exhibit is moved to other venues with their own commission, CIRCLE will apply a sliding scale decreasing to a low of 10% on top of any other applicable commissions at new venues.
Money collected on the sale of a piece during the exhibition/installation will be sent to the originator of the piece unless CIRCLE is instructed otherwise.
Proposals will be made to move the installation onward to other venues for display.
All work must remain in the installation for the duration of the exhibit at the Fall festival and for the duration of any future venues.
It may be possible to arrange to remove a piece if the artist and/or buying patron chooses to do so between venues.The right to request that the piece remain with the installation for its display in other venues remains with the CIRCLE committee and will be decided on an individual basis.

CIRCLE reserves the right to remove or omit any work not seen as appropriate or not workable within the installation.CIRCLE reserves the right to pierce pin holes or very small drill holes in pieces or attach hanging apparatus as needed to accomplish the installation. All efforts will be made not to damage or change the intent or appearance of the artwork and to display all artwork done.
CIRCLE reserves the right to display the work in any arrangement it sees as best for the overall installation as a whole.

CIRCLE will create a catalogue of pieces and a postcard invitation. All efforts will be made to generate as much publicity as possible.CIRCLE reserves the right to use any piece submitted to the installation for publicity and advertising purposes.

CIRCLE will offer a reduced price of admission to the fall festival in 2010 to artists participating in the Snail Mail installation .
CIRCLE is a Non-profit organization that I am in process of creating.

CIRCLE= Community of Inspired Realization for Creative Life Experience

Mission of CIRCLE:

To bring together creative people of all disciplines through organized events so that they may have opportunities to connect and enhance each others experience.

The Goals of CIRCLE are:

1. To allow for development of personal potential of its members through diversity of discipline and interaction.
2. To Share the profound power of art to transcend ordinary experience and illuminate the reality of the other.
3. To Generate positive energy towards higher personal achievement in the arts.
4. To allow for the possibility of change through art both within the individual and outward into the greater world.
5. To recognize artistic potential in individuals of special circumstance or disability.
Encaustic Workshop
Kate Miller Encaustics May 7, 2009
|The Studios of Key West tskw.org

For more information call or email
|The Studios of Key West|tskw.org|

Register now, the class is quickly filling up. One day encaustic workshop. Lunch and most materials provided. Check the |TSKW|tskw.org| website for more information.

Contemporary Encaustic exhibit
Title : Contemporary Encaustic
University of South Carolina Upstate
Curtis R. Harley Art Gallery
Dates: February 27-March 27, 2009
Reception and Artist Comments: Thursday March 5th at 4:30 PM in the Performing Arts Center and Gallery
Curtis R. Harley Art Gallery at USC upstate
Anne McKee Auction
The annual Anne McKee Artists auction will be held this saturday, January 24, 2009. Proceeds from works donated by local Keys artists will go to continue the tradition of the Anne McKee Artist Fund that generously donates grants up to $1000 to Keys Artists. Being a 2007 and a 2008 Anne McKee Grant winner I am happy to have donated an encaustic piece to the auction and hopeful that it will bring in a good price for the cause.