Kate Miller
I am a mixed media artist. My work gives reason to the vast disconnect I feel in our contemporary world.
I watch, seek,synthesize and assimilate. Intuition is my muse and my decisions continue to surprise me.

Often I work with wax or encaustic, not unlike skin, it becomes the tissue that holds the mirad of stuff that is my work.

Other times random materials, pure oil or acrylic paint, or sometimes three dimensional forms seem better suited to the ideas. I am attracted to the visceral nature of materials and switch mediums freely as the work dictates the need.

Currently I am obsessed with the horizon and the illusion of line where land or sea meets sky.
Like a voyager on a stormy ocean, I seek it's balance and serenity. Silently it stills the bombardment of stimuli I am assaulted with on a daily basis.

My work creates and re-creates who I am. It speaks of memory and experience.My art is a construction of self.